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Do you remember the feeling you had when you first purchased your house? It was likely a mix of excitement, nervousness, and unbridled joy at having a new space. That feeling when you first purchase a home is such a pleasant one. Unfortunately, it is often one that doesn’t last. After several years in the home, you likely start to feel less satisfied. What seemed charming to you at first might seem commonplace and boring now. Does that sound familiar? Are you craving a change? This isn’t unreasonable. But many people, while they want a new home, do not want to change neighborhoods or move. It may seem like there is no solution to that type of situation, but we have good news. Whole house remodeling can solve the problem! 

Whole house remodeling involves making major changes to your home to make it look brand-new. Think of it as starting from scratch. We gut the inside of your house and redo it completely, giving you a chance to create a new layout and design without having to move off your current property. Are you interested in undergoing this type of project? Our team at EcoStar Remodeling & Construction is here to help. We offer the best whole house remodeling services in the state. Contact us today to learn more! 














What is whole house remodeling, exactly?

Whole house remodeling refers to changing 50% or more of your home. So to be considered whole house remodeling, a project doesn’t have to literally involve changing your entire home. It can refer to a partial renovation or a complete one. But in many cases, this type of project does involve gutting and redoing everything. 

How much does whole house remodeling cost?

That depends on how extensive your whole house remodeling project is. If you renovate only half of your home, the costs will naturally be lower. But if you choose to redo your entire home, costs skyrocket. For extensive projects, you can expect to pay $200,000 or more. But if you want to know a general price range that is more specific to your project, reach out to our team. Once we know more about your project, we can give you a number tailored to you.

How long does whole house remodeling take?

You can expect a whole home remodeling project to take between seven and 15 months to complete, depending on its scope. If you are remodeling your whole house, you should expect your project to take longer. 

Can I stay in my home during the remodeling process?

Sometimes it is possible to stay in your home during a remodeling project, and other times it isn’t. If you are making major changes to your entire dwelling, staying there is likely not going to be possible. And even if it is possible, it will likely be uncomfortable and impractical. We suggest coming up with an alternative place to stay, such as a hotel or at a family member’s home. While we understand living somewhere other than your home isn’t convenient, the final results of your project will be well worth the temporary displacement.

How long does planning take for whole house remodeling?

Planning for your project will probably take between two to three months. We’ll work with you to understand the visions you have for your home, then we will create blueprints and designs based on what you tell us. Once we have finalized the design and gotten your approval, then we can start work on your home.

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