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When was the last time you thought about exterior painting of your home? The chances are that it may have been a long time since you invested in its care and appearance. Perhaps you mow the lawn every once in a while and pull out a few weeds from the flower bed, and that’s it. Meanwhile, the rest of your home’s exterior is neglected. Perhaps your shutters are crooked, and your paint is drab. Thankfully, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. A fresh coat of paint can make an old home look brand new. So if you want to increase the curb appeal of your property, then it is time to invest in an expert paint job. 

How Professional Painters Can Help

While exterior paint jobs are the more complicated of the two types, they each come with unique processes and challenges that must not be overlooked. From cleaning, sanding, and prepping surfaces to choosing the right kind of paint for the area, professional painters have the knowledge and expertise to make the right decisions and ensure a quality result.

While exterior paint jobs are the more complicated A professional painter will also easily understand and calculate overwhelming details like how much paint you need, which types are worth the extra money, whether to use latex- or oil-based paint, and much more. If you buy the wrong kind of paint, the entire paint job will be ruined. If you buy too much or too little paint, you’ll either have wasted your money or be left in a very awkward position, especially if you can’t find the specific shade you bought when you run out before the job is completed.

Beautifully painted home exterior

Work with a design-to-build company like Ecostar Remodeling & Construction to ensure that all of these little details are considered with care by skilled professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. It’s especially important to consult a professional for exterior paint jobs. When you work with a design-to-build company, the entire process is streamlined since everyone from the designer to the painter works on the same team. You won’t have to run around consulting different professionals and trying to coordinate schedules, and you won’t lose money bidding on different people to get the job done.


Your One-Stop Painting Shop

Whether you want to paint one room inside your home or the entire exterior of your home

Ecostar Remodeling & Construction is your one-stop painting shop. Our skilled professionals have years of experience painting home exteriors. We understand how to paint on various surface types, which types of paint are best for which job and all the other factors that go into ensuring that you’re left with nothing but a picture-perfect paint job that will last for years to come.

Professionally painted home, view of the rear from backyard

Attentive To Every Detail

When you consult us for your paint job, we’ll find out every detail from your vision to your budget and work with you to ensure that the finished product will be everything you dreamed of and more.

Simple & Professional Process

Whether you’re refreshing your existing color, or want to transform your look with a completely new color, we pride ourselves on turning your vision into reality, working with you closely and with transparency throughout the process. Don’t let the stress of the process get you down – leave all your painting troubles to us so you can relax and enjoy the new look.

Exterior Paint Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

The three types of paint commonly used for exterior painting are acrylic, latex, and oil-based. Both acrylic and latex are our preferred options, as they can handle temperature fluctuations, which is important when you are investing in an outdoor project. Plus, they do not release hazardous fumes like oil-based options. While oil-based paints are considered safe for outdoor projects, we still strongly recommend going with acrylic or latex.

Choosing the right color depends on several factors. First, what style of home do you have? Is it full of odd structural quirks that make it charming and whimsical? Is it sleek and modern? It is old-fashioned? Does it give off European vibes? If your home is more modern, bold, simple colors like black and white are best. A more quirky home can get away with fun colors like blue, yellow, green, red, and many more. European homes do well with warm, rich colors. 

Another thing you need to consider when picking out a color for your home is what your landscaping and lawn decorations look like. Do you have a certain theme going? Maybe you have a lot of nautical knick-knacks. Or perhaps you have a lot of nature-themed decor and impressive topiaries. Let your design for your yard inspire the design for your home’s exterior. That way, everything matches.

Typically, exterior paint dries within a few hours of the project being complete. But just because your paint is dry to the touch does not mean it is fully cured. It can take up to a month for paint to fully cure. Thus, you should always make sure to plan painting projects during months when rainy, stormy weather is not an issue. It is better to start projects in a dry season if possible.

Often it only takes a day to get the painting done. However, it may take longer if your project is more intricate. We will give you a more detailed time estimate when we know more about your project. 

It is hard to give you a price range for your project when we don’t know its scope. We are happy to give you a price estimate once we know more about your needs. Contact us today for your quote!

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