Basement Remodeling

Ah, the basement. What used to be seen as a dark and scary creepy-crawly room full of loud furnaces, water tanks, and the stuff of nightmares is being replaced by visions of workout rooms, game rooms, man caves, spare bedrooms, and entertainment areas.

The basement has so much potential to become beautiful and useful extra addition to your home, but when you peer down that dark stairway and inhale that signature basement smell, it can be overwhelming to even think of where to begin. The fastest and least stressful way to build your dream basement is to work with a design-to-build company like Ecostar Remodeling & Construction.

How a Design-to-Build Team Can Help

A design-to-build team like Ecostar Remodeling & Construction can streamline the entire basement remodeling project from start to finish, saving you precious time and money and giving the highest quality result.

You’ll work with a designer who will outline your vision in detail. The designer works alongside a team of professionals who are experts in the tasks required to build the room safely, from installing insulation to framing walls, painting, and doing any necessary plumbing or electrical work. A project manager will oversee the job from start to finish, so the only thing you’ll need to do is communicate and relax.

A design-to-build company has all the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure that you’re making the best decisions for your vision without wasting time or money. Since you work with one company from the design phase through the post-construction phase, schedules can be streamlined, and you won’t have to pay multiple companies to complete the work.

When you’re ready to repair or upgrade your basement, give Ecostar Remodeling & Construction a call to discuss your vision. We can turn your basement into the most impressive room in your house.



Basement Remodel Preparation

While the basement has a lot of potential for becoming a dream space in your home, it requires quite a bit of work to get there. Since basements are generally located underground, they’re damper than regular rooms and often contain a lot of the “guts” of the house, such as piping, heaters, water tanks, oil tanks, and other such equipment.

Finished Luxury Basement

Simple Three Step Process

Before you get started working on your basement, you need to apply for a permit so that you can document the work that’s being done. Then, you can move on with the rest of the preparation process, which includes:

Taking Care of Dampness

Choosing the Materials

Selecting the correct tools for the environment and your vision (insulation type, wall material, ceiling and flooring, utility locations, trim styles, and paint colors all need to be decided)

Gathering the Tools

Gathering all the tools you’ll need to finish the work (from caulk guns to circular saws and more, there are at least a dozen tools and added safety gear that’s required for a basement remodel)

Unless you’re a serious DIY enthusiast, chances are you’ll need some help deciding on the best materials for remodeling your basement. The list of tools required to complete the work is pretty long as well. These are just a couple of many reasons why you should consider hiring professionals to bring your basement dreams to life.

Basement Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you should finish your basement. An unfinished basement can detract from the value and appearance of your home. Do not let all of this space go to waste. We can do amazing things with your basement.

You can definitely rent your basement once it goes through enough renovations to become a liveable apartment. This is a great way to earn a passive income and replenish your savings after investing in a remodeling project.

We can’t give you an exact number unless we know more about your home and the vision you have for your project. Every project is different in levels of scope and complexity, and that is why prices fluctuate greatly. Prices also fluctuate based on building materials and the local economy at the time you are getting your basement remodeled. But if you need to know the cost of your project ahead of time, reach out to our team for a free estimate. We are happy to help you budget appropriately.

You can definitely complete a basement remodeling project on a budget. You just need to invest time and effort into careful planning. Our team is happy to work alongside you to help you stay in your desired price range.

Of course you can. It doesn’t matter if your basement is small or not. Our team of contractors can help you redo the space to give you the desired features you want without making things too cramped. As long as your contractor plans carefully, you can make the most of your space.

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