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What types of services do you offer?

Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, window installation, garage conversion, and ADU construction are only a small fraction of the types of projects we can complete for you. Our service page has detailed information about each of our services. Check out the dropdown on our homepage for a full list!

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, absolutely. We are happy to offer a free quote for any project. Contact us today with details about your project for an accurate price estimate! 

Can I add more than one room with a home addition?

You can add as many rooms as you would like. You are not limited to a single room per project.

Why don't you offer services in my area?

Washington is a big state. Unfortunately, we cannot reach every single resident. Our resources are limited, and we only have so many contractors. One day, perhaps we will be able to expand our reach. Until then, we will continue to faithfully serve those who live within the service areas we work in.

How long does planning take for projects?

That depends on what type of project you would like done. Naturally, complete home remodeling takes more planning than a home addition or window installation. We will tell you how long to expect for planning if you provide us with details about your potential project.

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